What is Laser Hair Reduction?

Laser Hair Reduction is a cosmetic procedure which uses the technology of throwing, focusing or beaming concentrated light beams on the targeted area, where you want to reduce hair growth. It is a great technique to reduce the growth of unwanted hair on your body. That concentrated light is highly strong. If you worry that Laser Hair Reduction can affect the quality of your skin or lead to scars, then no need to worry. Because, the laser light in the Laser Hair Reduction process, is so precise in its functionality that it only affects the hair and not that particular skin over which the hair is grown. Even the surrounding skin of the Laser Hair Reduction targeted area remains unaffected. Multiple sessions of Laser Hair Reduction has the ability to lead to hair reduction to a typically significant extent. There are various reasons according to which the effectiveness of the Laser Hair Reduction may typically vary. One of them is the type of your skin and hair. Each hair and skin type has a unique sort of effectiveness of the Laser Hair Reduction. The procedure of Laser Hair Reduction is significantly long-lasting. After this, you may sit stress-free without worrying about the hair removal routines, which must be carried forward each month or at times, twice a month. Overall, Laser Hair Reduction is a quite convenient process, which is largely effective in handling unwanted hair growth.

Why is Laser Hair Reduction the best?

Laser Hair Reduction is the ultimate solution for unwanted hair growth. This ultimatum is given due to several reasons. The very first reason is that the process of Laser Hair Reduction is an advanced technology in itself. It is a method of targeting the growth points of hair in a precise manner. This ensures effective and long-lasting results. Secondly, Laser Hair Reduction treatments are quite quick as compared to that of traditional hair removal methods. Each session of Laser Hair Reduction takes very less time. Additionally, the amount of precision exhibited in the Laser Hair Reduction technique is quite incomparable and unparalleled. The main target of this technique is the dark and coarse hairs. It is done in such a way that it leaves the surrounding skin undamaged. Moreover, there is a high amount of predictability in the Laser Hair Reduction method. Most of the individuals have noticed that they have lost their unwanted hair growth just after a few series of Laser Hair Reduction sessions. Lastly, Laser Hair Reduction is not just a normal hair growth reduction technique. Rather, it is highly versatile and suitable for various body areas. These include the face, legs, arms, and bikini line, etc. To cover up, Laser Hair Reduction has now come up to be the best choice for people who aspire to achieve a smooth, hair-free skin with minimal efforts, while the effectiveness being maximum.

What is the Procedure of Laser Hair Reduction Treatment?

Although Laser Hair Reduction is an easy and quick procedure. Yet, it involves several key steps in its whole process. These steps are followed to ensure effective and safe hair removal. The very first step of this procedure involves emitting  specialised lasers in the form of concentrated light beams. These beams are meant to be targeting the pigment which is present in the pores of the skin from which the hair is grown out. These are such types of lasers that go inside the skin. But there is no need to worry, because these lasers do not cause any kind of damage to the surrounding tissues of the skin. Then, with the progress of the Laser Hair Reduction procedure, the light energy emitted by the lasers is absorbed by the hair follicles, which in turn convert them into heat. This heat damages the follicles and damage causes the hair follicles to stop hair growth. Thereby, inhibiting the future hair growth. Moreover, Laser Hair Reduction treatments need to have more than one session to achieve the best possible results. The number of sessions needed can vary depending on several factors. Such as, hair colour, skin type, and the area being treated. Furthermore, before each session of the Laser Hair Reduction method, a cream is applied on the targeted area of treatment. This cream is a numbing cream, which numbs the skin down and doesn’t allow it to feel anything through the sense of touch. Doing this, also minimises the discomfort while facing the treatment procedure. This is done to prepare or make the skin used to the lasers. The hair present on that particular skin is also trimmed. At last, after the completion of the whole Laser Hair Reduction procedure, the targeted skin turns out to be red and may also swell a bit. But this redness and swelling is majorly temporary and diminishes or subsides within a few hours. Therefore, the Laser Hair Reduction process is a safe, efficient, and long-lasting solution on its own and is best at reducing unwanted hair growth on various body areas.

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction

  1. Laser Hair Reduction targets the skin area very precisely. This ensures that only the hair follicles are affected or burned, but the surrounding skin must be strictly unharmed and untouched.

  2. Being comparatively quicker than other traditional hair growth reducing procedures, Laser Hair Reduction is a method in which each session takes just a fraction of time, which in turn saves the client’s as well the designated person’s time who is performing the Laser Hair Reduction treatment. And who doesn’t love the time-saving procedures! Don’t we?!

  3. Laser Hair Reduction results in long-lasting unwanted hair growth removal. Thus, providing individuals with smooth and hair-free skin for an extended period of time.

  4. Being suitable for various body areas. Such as the face, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line, the Laser Hair Reduction process provides full coverage for all of your hair removal needs.

  5. Moreover, Laser Hair Reduction treatments are customizable to individual needs. Which means that it leaves space for making their laser hair removal procedure more personalised by going in accordance with the uniquely relevant client needs. The unique demands can be based on factors such as hair colour, skin type, and the desired outcomes too. Thus, making the Laser Hair Reduction process totally foolproof, fulfilling and purely authentic.

List of Top 10 Laser Hair Reduction Clinics

1. HMC Medical Center

HMC Medical Center is one of the topmost Laser Hair Reduction Clinics in Dubai. Their results have no comparison. Also their staff carries great expertise. HMC is among those highly specialised Laser Hair Reduction clinics whose consultants are one of a kind as they use the best technology for carrying out such precise procedures. The best Laser Hair Reduction clinics use the high beam lasers to target the hair follicles, which inhibits the unwanted hair growth from that area, without damaging the surrounding skin. HMC is among the most premier laser hair reduction clinics and they have specialists who provide the best possible training to deliver the best results among other such laser hair reduction clinics, which are ultimately satisfactory for the clients.

2. The Skin Clinic

The Skin Clinic is one of the most trusted Laser Hair Reduction clinics. Getting treatment from a clinic which is among the most prominent laser hair reduction clinics, is a great experience in itself, as their specialists focus on targeting the ingrown hair too. The process employed by the most proficient laser hair reduction clinics hardly takes any time in its conduction and also being long-lasting, it has proven to be efficient in the long run. The treatment in Laser Hair Reduction clinics involves the use of advanced ND:YAG and Alexandrite lasers, which are suitable for all skin types. Their procedures are totally comforting without the issue of any downtime. With Skin, who’s among the prestigious Laser Hair Reduction clinics, you can experience the best treatment.

3. Al Gerua Clinic

This clinic is among the most efficient Laser Hair Reduction clinics. Their procedure stands out as the most effective for hair removal. The effective Laser Hair Reduction clinics provide such a treatment that gives a foolproof guarantee of effective and painless removal of unwanted hair from any body part. And Al Gerua is a part of them. After getting the treatment from the eminent Laser Hair Reduction clinics, you will notice a sense of  confidence boost. Because they precisely target the ingrown hair and thus, provide quick results which are efficiently long-lasting. This clinic has equipped itself with the latest Soprano Titanium machine. With this machine, the clinics providing this treatment, reach into the list of the exceptional Laser Hair Reduction clinics. Because with this machine, the treatment becomes painless and suitable for all skin tones, even tanned skin.

4. Aesthetic Laser & Medical Centers

Aesthetic Laser & Medical Centers is among the most reliable Laser Hair Reduction clinics. Gain the best of experience with the reputed Laser Hair Reduction clinics because they are committed to hire the most qualified staff, who have experience of working in the reputable Laser Hair Reduction clinics. Because the staff is experienced, the more safety and effectiveness they keep in mind while carrying out the procedures at the Laser Hair Reduction clinics. This clinic is approved by the FDA. This is among those devoted Laser Hair Reduction clinics who have around 10 years of experience in satisfying their patients with the best treatments, mending them according to each individual’s needs.

5. Derma Fresh Clinic

Derma Fresh is one of the most thriving Laser Hair Reduction clinics. Here, you meet the people who come from the background of working in some of the most dedicated Laser Hair Reduction clinics. That is why this place is your ultimate solution for getting effective hair removal through the power of laser technique. The best Laser Hair Reduction clinics are incomparable and unparalleled to any other place in Dubai. The primary aim of the most productive Laser Hair Reduction clinics is to focus on being precise in their practice of treatment.  The sessions at this clinic, which is among the differentiated Laser Hair Reduction clinics, start from just 47 AED. Most of their Laser Hair Reduction sessions last for just 45 minutes or so. Their specialists are DHA certified. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. With the best Laser Hair Reduction services of Derma, gain confidence as you receive flawless skin which lasts longer than ever.

6. Skin Plus Centre

This centre is one of the most phenomenal Laser Hair Reduction clinics. There are several notable reasons for choosing this among other credible Laser Hair Reduction clinics. Such as, they use the best of technology which gives precise and optimal outcomes. Making it one of those qualified Laser Hair Reduction clinics. Here, the professionals are given thorough training before carrying out any procedures. Among other Laser Hair Reduction clinics. This one is considered to be highly systematic in their service and assistance culture. This makes sure that you feel safe while receiving your chosen treatment plan. Due to their diverse and personalised plans, this clinic is competing with lucrative Laser Hair Reduction clinics. The majorly noteworthy point is that, once you get the procedure done by them, they will not leave you on your own. Which means that they will provide comprehensive consultation and aftercare services for a smooth experience. Thus, it has risen up to one of the entrusted Laser Hair Reduction clinics.

7. Medicure Clinic

It is among the finest Laser hair reduction clinics. After receiving their treatment, you can feel confident that you are in the safe hands of one of the leading Laser Hair Reduction Clinics. Also, be relaxed knowing that their solutions are safe and effective in stopping the unwanted hair growth. Although there are ample points to list this among the supreme Laser Hair Reduction Clinics, yet the foremost one is their almost 10+ years of expertise. Their Dermatology Centre has the experts who have come from other unbeatable Laser Hair Reduction Clinics. With the services of one of the outstanding Laser Hair Reduction Clinics, patients can expect long-term results with even finer and less regrowth.

8. Portuguese Clinic

Since years, it has been among the most remarkable Laser Hair Reduction Clinics. Here, this treatment becomes very easy in its procedural steps. They have adopted a highly selective photothermolysis technique, making it one of those competent and high-tech Laser Hair Reduction clinics. This technique correctly focuses the hair follicles. In this process, the melanin of the hair follicles is selectively heated. Which helps in stopping the unwanted hair growth without affecting the surrounding skin. It has landed up among those greatly impactful Laser Hair Reduction clinics, as their treatment has the power to remove dark-coloured hair too, where other clinics lack upon. Thus, one must consider this while looking for any of the substantial Laser Hair Reduction clinics.

9. Drittle Clinic

Continuously, Drittle is becoming famous for being one of those commendable Laser hair reduction clinics. Gain immense self-confidence and comfort by getting a procedure done at such a clinic which is known to be among the best Laser hair reduction clinics. In this way, you will also stay stress-free of the hassle of traditional hair removal methods. This premium clinic is famous because they opt for a multidimensional approach towards the Laser hair reduction techniques and towards the aesthetics and wellness routines of the people. They have substantial experience of being in the Laser hair reduction industry for 15 years. This gives a guarantee stamp over their high-quality Laser hair reduction services. They employ high-tech devices like Elite+ and Ellipse+, in their use for carrying out the Laser hair reduction procedures.

10. Natura Clinic

Natura Clinic is among the top-rated Laser hair reduction clinics. Their pain-free Laser hair reduction techniques are powered by Elite+ by Cynosure. Making them a reliable option for getting faster results suitable for all skin types. Here, you will get such a Laser hair reduction treatment which will be backed by a dual-wavelength system. With this technique, the Laser hair reduction becomes helpful in eliminating fine hair easily and also prevents ingrown hair. Moreover, the skin penetration rate of their Laser hair reduction process is also quite optimal.


In conclusion, Laser Hair Reduction is a newly adopted method which offers an optimal, precise, and long-lasting solution to unwanted hair growth on the body with very less to no physical discomfort. Top clinics like HMC Medical Center, Skin Clinic, and Al Gerua Clinics provide high-tech and uniquely customised Laser hair reduction treatment. Gain your self-confidence with convenient Laser Hair Reduction, which is now becoming a great alternative to traditional hair removal methods.

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